Top 3 Reasons to Choose Inflatable Foot Darts as Your Next Favorite Game

You’ve certainly heard of golf, tennis or football, but does inflatable foot darts sound familiar?
Inflatable foot darts is a fun new take on the popular game that dates back to ancient history. Only this time, you have to shoot a velcro ball at a huge inflatable darts board by foot. The rules are the same, you win points based on where the ball lands.
Still not convinced? Here are top 3 reasons to choose inflatable foot darts for your next backyard party.

It’s Safe

In regular game versions, you have to throw pointy darts to the board. This feature makes it dangerous for younger players and clumsy people. Inflatable foot darts, on the other hand, is completely safe. The worst that can happen is to get too much momentum and crash into the soft inflatable board.

It’s Beneficial for Health

The old game of darts required a fairly small space for playing, and the players usually sat next to the playing field. Now your friends and family get to move around and exercise without even realizing it. Not only will they get healthier, but this amusing activity will improve the amateur and professional football players’ kicking accuracy.

It’s Fun

The biggest advantage of purchasing inflatable foot darts is the fun element to it. It’s perfect for backyard parties and outdoor gatherings. A group of friends can now enjoy an amusing competition or simply kick the ball to the board just for fun.

What’s more, the game is suitable for all ages. Parents can join the game or leave their kids to run around and kick ball. Heck, even your granny can try playing and have fun at it.

Lastly, the inflatable foot darts is super easy to store away. You just have to deflate it and it can wait for the next entertaining outdoor event.

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